Three Kids. Or, Survival of the Fittest

Saturday, August 1, 2015

So, we now have 3 kids. Lilly is 5, AJ is 2, and Edie is 8 months. Wait, what?

Bayou Road Photo is awesome!
Three little pancakes. Aren't they sweet? Edie just started crawling and pulling up on everything, Andrew is talking in sentences and thinks everything is yellow, and Lilly can almost read on her own & tie a shoe, so there's a lot of win happening here. I sometimes can have coffee alone. A fence on the backyard was my saving grace. Because, get outside.  

DIY Envelopes

Thursday, February 5, 2015

*This blog post contains external links to Jamberry. 

There will be a post at some point to enlighten everyone on what on Earth has been going on here at Tritz Acres, but I want to share this tutorial first! I am a consultant for Jamberry, so I have leftover catalogs floating around when new things come out. Instead of burning the extras in the fire pit (Andrew's suggestion for all burnable things), or recycling (Lilly's suggestion for anything recyclable) them, I thought I could DIY (my idea for, well, anything) some cute envelopes to mail out my samples and mini-packs in.

Behold, the most adorable envelopes EVER.

DIY Catalog Envelopes by Two Ten Handmade

Now, there is no cutesy bloggy graphic because that's not allowed by Jamberry, so just don't steal it and take my link off, ok? I'll hunt you down. But feel free to pin and share though. Just don't be THAT pinner.

Antique Salvaged Door Entry Storage Solution

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

If you're anything like me, your entry way can get to be a mess. I have no before pictures, but I will describe it for you... A gorgeous salvaged piece of barn wood flooring, mounted on the wall with an iron key holder to hold our keys. A pair of salvaged antique, peeling-paint, rickety and so gorgeous corbels from a porch were used as brackets to hold a cabinet door posing as a shelf. On the floor, was a boot tray for everyone's shoes. Sounds moderately cute and functional, right? Well, you're wrong.

This is the story of how I fixed that, and made this:

Before, the entry was cute in theory, but really looked like this: the key holder was the only moderately functioning area. It held things alright. Andrew would come home and put his hats, sunglasses, and badge on it, and take up all the hooks for keys. When there were keys there, his hats would just hide them. The shelf was a piece of junk because it didn't fit the corbels, and the corbels themselves were glued back together because they were so elderly they broke while hanging them on the wall, causing it to wobble if you bumped into it. Which we did ALL THE TIME. The boot tray became a mud trap with 57 pairs of shoes in it (there are only 4 people in this house). By the end of the week, it looked like a mountain of shoes in a tray. There was no nice place handy to put my purse or diaper bag, or guests to leave their stuff by the door, so we aimed for the floor. Worked nicely. A mountain of crap!

82 Pounds of Peaches

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ok, maybe not exactly 82 pounds, but it sure looked like it.

My mom and I took Lilly and AJ to a local orchard for some peach picking. We absolutely love pick-your-own fruit!  There's something so fantastic about either getting on a hayride or parking between rows of trees, wandering through fields of orchards with a gigantic empty box. I truly think I belong on an orchard or farm, so picking-your-own fruit is right up my alley.

We've picked apples a billion times over the years and I've baked pies with the bushels. Not to mention, apples are one of my favorites to pick because they stay fresh much longer.

Berries are also a fun back-breaking time, but they're only fresh for a few days once you get 'em home. AJ has a blueberry problem. He's obsessed. Look at that face...caught berry handed, picking off the bush and eating them right away. They encourage sampling, but the amount of berries this kid could sample if allowed to freely wander in a blueberry patch would just qualify as stealing.

French Bread Board Face Lift

Monday, August 4, 2014

I did a super quick morning DIY project! We were given an adorable French (or Macy's, no one knows) bread board from my husband's aunt. It sounds awful, but I hated the color, it was really gross looking and had seen better days (not in the antique-sense of the word) and was otherwise in a basement for decades with whatever was crawling on top of it.